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March 28, 2007 - DBF Comparer v2.34 is released

We are proud to announce the new release of DBF Comparer v2.34. In this new version you will find new improved comparison algorithm that allows you to compare dbf file data much faster. Also, the new algorithm avoids the problem when the program stopped to work when you selected many fields for comparison.

DBF Comparer v2.34 build 328 changes:

  • Fixed bug: comparing of many selected fields was impossible
  • Fixed bug: duplicate records were ignored during comparison
  • Added saving of selected fields to log file
  • Added output of comparison errors when the program works in console mode
  • Improved comparison algorithm
  • Some cosmetic improvements

You may download a program update at our download page

March 05, 2007 - New product IndexMan v1.14 is released

We are pleased to announce our new program IndexMan v.1.14. IndexMan is command line utility for working with dbf index files. It supports .ndx, .mdx, .ntx, .cdx index file formats. You may create, modify dbf index files. With compound indexes such as .cdx and .mdx you may add new tags or remove ones. Also, you are able to rebuild existing index files.

Download the latest version here

February 05, 2007 - Bug-fix version of DBF Manager is released

We have released bug-fix release 1.44 of DBF Manager. It is recommended that all users update to the latest version.

DBF Manager v1.44 brings some minor bug-fixes:

  • Fixed bug with list of opened index files in Index Manager
  • Fixed bug with partial replacing
  • Added ‘Drop index flag’ in Index Manager file menu

Download the latest version here

February 02, 2007 - DBF Manager v1.43 is released

We are pleased to announce new version release of our popular product DBF Manager. In this new version you will find new improved index manager, some cosmetic improvements, and several bug fixes.

DBF Manager v1.43 changes:

  • Fixed bug with exporting tables with NULL values
  • Fixed bug in Column Settings dialog ( column hide/show )
  • Fixed bug with exporting to csv, text qualifier can be empty (’‘, none)
  • Fixed bug with auto-opening of index files
  • Fixed bug with altering structure: if there is no memo field anymore, dbf file header doesn’t updated
  • Added new property to Option dialog: Enter key behaves as Tab key
  • Added searching of empty values in fields ( use ‘’ for searching empty values)
  • Added replacing values to empty value in fields ( use ‘’ for replacing )
  • Changed Option dialog
  • Improved saving of grid settings for a table
  • Some cosmetic improvements.

Download the latest version here

December 05, 2006 - New version of our dbf editor v1.38 is available for downloading

We would like to inform you that new release of DBF Manager v1.38 is available for downloading.

DBF Manager v1.38 changes:

  • Fixed bug with table packing
  • Improved search and replace functions
  • Improved work with memo files
  • Added supporting of large dbf file sizes
  • Some minor bugs were fixed

Download the latest version here

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