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DBF Manager

DBF Manager is innovative software intended to handle databases seamlessly. Besides the far-beyond-expectations functionality DBF Manager offers convenient user interface, flexible configuration and features never seen in DBF software before.


Create knowledge base substantiated on any category of documents. An optimal tool for categorizing, processing and finding articles, documents and web pages which allows user to keep documents systemized, to add notes and attachments.

DBF Doctor

Damaged or corrupt DBF files? Don't panic ... Call on DBF Doctor for your DBF fix. DBF repair goes quickly and smoothly with this exclusive technology from Astersoft Co. Ltd.

DBF Comparer

Wizard-based DBF Comparer generates a comprehensive report and DBF file containing differences. Compares memo fields and is optionally case-sensitive. Intuitive color coded display of differences.

DBF Sync

The DBF Sync application is a comprehensive solution for updating, or synchronizing, selected fields in .dbf files. IT professionals, db system administrators and any other database users will find this Wizard based tool indispensable and easy to use for the routine maintenance of their data.


Command line utility is intended to manage dbf index files. Supports .ndx, .mdx, .ntx, .cdx index file formats. For Clipper, Dbase III/IV, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro. DBF.

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