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December 06, 2005 - DBF Manager v1.29 beta 3 is released.

DBF Manager v1.29 beta 3 changes:

  • Fixed bug with opening and editing files without NULL values
  • Fixed bug with Refresh function
October 03, 2005 - DBF Manager v1.29 beta is released.

We are pleased to announce beta release of DBF Manager. This beta fixes some bugs and has significant improvements. We added user-friendly dialog for filtering data and now it’s useful both for beginners and advanced users.
DBF Manager v1.29 beta changes:

  • Added ‘Simple mode’ tab to filter dialog box
  • Added Set filter off menu item
  • Added Set filter on/off toolbar
  • Improved Find and Replace dialogs
  • Fixed bug with Duplicating records
  • Fixed bug with exporting to SQL script
  • Some cosmetic improvements
June 03, 2005 - DBF Manager v1.25 is released.

DBF Manager changes:

  • Fixed bug ‘Access denied..’ on read-only files
  • Fixed bug with Logical fields
  • Fixed bug with altering structures
  • Improved work of deleting duplicate rows
  • Many other interface and functionality improvements and fixes
April 04, 2005 - DBF Manager v1.24 build 44 is released.

DBF Manager changes:

  • Fixed bug with printing table structures
  • Improved work of merging dbf files
  • Added support of Visual Foxpro tables with autoincrement fields
  • Some minor bugs were fixed
March 01, 2005 - DBF Manager v1.23 build 31 is released.

DBF Manager changes:

  • Added color settings for grid rows
  • Fixed bug ‘Invalid numeric value in field…’
  • Fixed small bug in altering dbf structure
  • Fixed bug ‘A component named FIELDNAME already exists’
  • Fixed bug with decimal separator in grid
  • Some cosmetic improvements

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